Get the students you want, lower cost, and drive retention

Most students cite finances as their number one concern picking a college. We work with universities across the nation to welcome students with the most aid possible, drive retention, and invest in their communities.

Impact your prospective students

Students have a much higher affinity when they know their university is actively investing in their community.

Reduce your cost per student

Each outside dollar a student brings in is another you can spend on enrichment. We save universities thousands each year.

We’ve worked with more than 13,000 students across the nation
$100 million+
Our students have won millions in scholarships
Average amount per student
50 of 50
Our students are attending every top 50 school

Our students attend hundreds of institutions

We help universities build lasting experiences

Our students come in with more aid, with a better understanding of how to navigate university life, and with connections to college before they ever step foot on campus.

Lower Cost

The more outside aid students have the more you can spend on enrichment when they get there.

Higher Retention

Students with lower debt are 5x more likely to graduate. This requires support before college.

Expanded Resources

Reduce how much time you spend collecting external aid opportunities. Let us do it for you!

Impact Focused

Each dollar with us is directly invested in driving more students to access education.

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For $99.95/mo never worry about managing a scholarship list again. Upgrade your center to provided personalized scholarship success for every student.

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How we can help you and your team

We’ve built pillars of support that focus on individualized support and meeting your students where they are.


Give the secrets of writing in person

We've seen the greatest impact when given the chance to teach students in person. At Tyee High School we presented in-depth tactics to scholarship writing and worked with 25 students to submit to a $22,500 scholarship. Weeks later 23 students won, totaling more than $500,000. We've traveled across the nation, helping thousands of students and want to teach your cohort how to find, apply to, and win.

digital courses

Share success within the community

We have a library of in-depth, high quality courses that empower your students and staff to take the drivers seat. Each course is self-contained and focus on things like: How to apply to college, How to write and win scholarships, Writing for x,y,z university and more. Give your students tools they can walk away with.

One on one coaching

Helping students land their dream job

Through Enroll @ SJ students are provided access to a dedicated Success Coach, personal statement support, curated scholarship lists, in-depth 1:1 feedback on scholarship essays, support in navigating all things financial aid, resume revision, and help landing a job. Gift this to a school or your own students.

staff curRiculum

Tailored support for admissions staff

With comprehensive guidance we're there for your admissions and financial officers to help them to help them track of who they're recruiting and how to better cater towards students of color, and low-income populations.

Our students love us

Truly Transformative!

I thought I would get a few grammar suggestions, but I walked away with a deeper sense of self and knowledge of how to communicate that on paper.

Jian Chen, UW

Absolutely love it!

Consumers are inundated with ads, so it’s vital that your ad catches the eye and immediately grabs interest. You could do this with a headline or slogan.

Selay Tesfay, Brown University
We've helped thousands win millions, let your students be next.

We can help give your students a competitive edge.

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