Small Business Stabilization Fund
for Restaurants and Bars
Impacted by COVID-19

Applications are now closed. If you have been selected, please complete your
payment grant agreement to receive your funds. The agreement can be accessed via the
email we sent to all pre-approved businesses. Restaurants and bars with annual revenues of
$2 million or less in 2019 that have been most impacted by recent public health measures
and have experienced significant, cumulative loss qualified for this grant.

Visit the Small Business Stabilization Fund webpage here for more
information on other grants you and your business may be eligible for.

Funding Overview

The City of Seattle – Office of Economic Development (OED) has committed $2,250,000 in Small Business Stabilization Fund (SBSF) grants to restaurants and bars. The City has partnered with Scholarship Junkies to award funding to eligible restaurants and bars that originally
applied to the SBSF grant in November 2020.

Processing funds

Scholarship Junkies is managing contracts and disbursing funds. If you have any questions please send us an email via or send us a text at (206) 350-7126.

In order to process and receive your grant, please complete the Grant Agreement and complete the payment preference page. This will be sent to your email through our contract tool Pandadoc. You have the options of Check or Direct Deposit. If you are requesting funds via a check, please respond “N/A” to the Direct Deposit fields in the Pandadoc form.

Verification: How do I know this is legitimate?

We always advise caution when sending sensitive information, so this is a great question to have.

You can read about our partnership with the Seattle Office of Economic Development in their press release. At the bottom you’ll see us mentioned as partners to help you get your funds as quickly as possible.

If you have additional concerns or want to speak to someone from the Office of Economic Development directly you can email or call our front desk at (206) 684-8090.

Business License Support

Please note that if your business license is not up to date, you will need to send proof of your updated business license so we can continue processing your application. If you need assistance with renewing your business license you may contact Yonas Seifu at

Safe and Secure

Personal information will never be voluntarily shared with the government, ICE, law enforcement, your landlord, your employer, or anyone else. The only people with access to an applicant’s personal information are Scholarship Junkies (the community organization that manages the fund) and the Seattle Office of Economic Development. All information is stored securely in an encrypted format so it can’t be accessed.

Frequently asked questions

Is this legit? How can I verify that I've been approved?

If you have concerns regarding our legitimacy or whether or not you've been approved, feel free to email the Office of Economic Development at or call their front desk at (206) 684-8090.

I have not received an email from PandaDoc or have lost the link, how do I retrieve it?

Please check your spam, if it is not in there please contact via email or by sending us a text message to (206) 350-7126.

What do I do if I entered incorrect banking information?

Please contact us as soon as possible by email or by sending us a text message to (206) 350-7126, one of our customer support members will give you a call.

I am having difficulty completing the online contract, can I get assistance?

Please contact us by email or by sending us a text message to (206) 350-7126, one of our customer support members will give you a call.

When will I receive the funds?

Funds will be distributed 7-14 business days after completing all required documentation.

Will there be future funding rounds?

We understand that there is massive need amongst the small business community and we are working to disburse as much as possible but at this time no further SBSF for Restaurants and Bars grant rounds are scheduled. We will update this page should there be more rounds.

Can my business still apply?

Unfortunately, no. The SBSF for Restaurants and Bars grant is closed, however, if there are future rounds we will update this page to reflect that.

I applied to another Small Business Stabilization Fund in the City of Seattle, is this the same one?

This small business grant is specific to bars and restaurants who applied in the second round of the fund by the Mayor’s Office. Please visit for information on other grants.

If you have any questions regarding another grant application contact the Office of Economic Development directly by emailing or calling (206) 684-8090.


Did we miss your question? Text us at (206) 350-7126 or email us at and we will
get back to you as soon as we can.