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Frame My Future: A Scholarship Recipient’s Perspective

A Note from the SJ Team: Today’s guest blog post is from a winner of the 2012 Frame My Future Scholarship Contest. For information on the 2013 Frame My Future Scholarship Contest (Due: March 5, 2013), details are included at the end of the post. But be sure to read Cari’s story to hear how she won the 2012 scholarship contest!

Cari Logston Entry

Cari’s Winning Entry for the 2012 Frame My Future Scholarship

I had a plentiful amount of doubt as I began the “full-time job” of financially pursuing my dream college. It was clear to me during my senior year of high school that the only way I would only be able to officially call myself a “Master’s College Student” would be with the aid of scholarships. I call it a “full-time job” as it consisted of endless searching, gathering information, reading, writing, applying, sending, and waiting. This daily process is entirely determined by personal motivation and diligence, as it ends with waiting for results you no longer have control over.

I stumbled upon the 2012 Frame My Future $1,000 Scholarship Contest during one of my searches thinking: A 500-character write-up under a creative outlook on my future uploaded with a visual representation? Sounds great! I had taken a simple photo with my phone (with an artistically motivated composition) of an everyday event in my life—having tea with my mom. I began writing my essay under the theme: these two hands displayed in the photo (one of mine and one of my mom’s) are what “frame my future” since I will use mine to pursue my academic and career goals, but also take care of my mom’s—since she is paralyzed due to Multiple Sclerosis.

Cari Logston - With Frame

Cari holding her commemorative “Frame My Future” frame featuring her winning entry

Pleased with my photo and write-up entry, I uploaded it and began the waiting phase. Weeks later, I received an email from Church Hill Classics stating that I had been chosen as a top 24 finalist out of about 10,500 entries! The next phase would be determined by a month-long public voting period, so I spread the word to friends, classmates, teachers, co-workers, cashiers, and anyone else I’d strike up a conversation with in person or through social media sites. The month came to a close and I was graciously awarded the $1,000 scholarship with an additional $1,000 for my college’s scholarship fund. It was such a blessing and ultimately humbling to know that my efforts would not only help me reach my goal, but also help out another future student hoping to attend The Master’s College!

Some words from my experience: keep pursuing every scholarship you can! Regardless of the doubts you may have about your essays, transcripts, or test scores—apply and you will surely have a chance to win. If you don’t apply at all, your chances are at nothing. You never know what the judges will decide, so all you must do is confidently put your best forward. You will want to look back at this time of life with no regrets because you appropriately invested the time towards the education you desire. In most cases, your friends or family will see your motivation and will not only be there to encourage you but also be encouraged BY all your hard work! If you make it a fun process, you will definitely be rewarded in some way or another if you keep an overall positive mindset. Now just keep on going!

Cari Logston is a 2012 Frame My Future Scholarship winner. She is attending The Master’s College in Santa Clarita, CA. In addition to winning $1,000 for her studies, Cari also won a $1,000 donation for The Master’s College from Church Hill Classics, the sponsor for the Frame My Future Scholarship Contest. Personal views expressed here are her own and may not represent the views of Scholarship Junkies.

2013 Frame My Future Scholarship Details

  • Create an original entry piece that shares what you want to achieve in your personal and professional life after college, following the theme: This is how I “Frame My Future.”
  • Submit your entry online by March 5, 2013.
  • 24 entries will be selected as finalists, from which the public will vote for the top five entries.
  • The five finalist entries with the most votes by May 2, 2013, will receive a $1,000 scholarship, and the entry with the most total votes will also receive a $1,000 donation to their college or university.

For more information, please visit the Frame My Future Scholarship website.

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